A reading plan for September

I have watched with interest some posts by Bookstagrammers where they plan their reading on a monthly basis.  They also report back on their achieved read pile as well.

I’m really not that way inclined to get into that sort of posting.  I guess I would rather write a small blog post instead.  This idea came to me a while back.  I had a thought that during a couple of months this year I would devote my reading to a particular theme.  The two themes that I decided on were books set in Italy and secondly ones by Australian authors.

I intend to devote September to reading books entirely set in Italy.  I’ve got a bit of a stockpile so I thought it was a good time to attempt this.

We were lucky enough to head to Italy a few months ago for a family wedding.  While we were there we spent an afternoon in Verona.

I’d be interested to know whether you plan your reading or do you just see what you feel like reading and go with it.