Review – The Lost Man – Jane Harper

Recently I have taken in interest in seeing whether there are upcoming author events that I might wish to attend.  The reason for this is that earlier in the year my daughter and I went up to London one evening and met Cassandra Clare and Holly Black.

Ms 17 is a massive fan of Cassandra Clare but I am getting off the track here.  The thing is it’s not a 5 minute journey into London from where we live.  We had a rather late night mid week because of our journey to the big smoke.  But we weren’t the only ones who had travelled a long way.

However I did wonder if there might be an event a lot closer to where we live. In other words, Brighton. So I looked on Waterstones website and saw that there was an upcoming event:

The Brighton Crime Wave Presents: An Evening with Jane Harper

Now crime isn’t really a genre that I’m a big fan of.  In fact off the top of my head I can’t think of a crime novel that I have read recently. But, I thought oh this sounds interesting. I can buy a copy of her latest book and take it on holiday with me.

So that is what I did.


Title: The Lost Man

Author: Jane Harper

Format: Paperback, 411 pages

Publisher: Abacus, an imprint of Little Brown Book Group

Source: Personal copy

About the Book:

Whatever had been going through Cameron’s mind when he was alive, he didn’t look peaceful in death.

My Thoughts:

So two brothers meet at the remote border of their vast cattle properties. This is in an isolated part of outback Australia.  Even though they are each other’s neighbours this is a question of hours not minutes.

They are at a local landmark called the stockman’s grave.  Their brother is dead.  But how has this happened.  Particularly when Cameron should have known what to do.  When they find his car loaded with provisions it does appear that all is not what it seems.

So crime isn’t really my genre, but I loved this book.  I thought elements of back story were carefully woven into the narrative.  It was a great read.  One that I found difficult to put down.

The Book Event:

My daughter and I both attended the event last week and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.  I thought that the questions posed to Jane about her book were apt as were the questions posed by audience members once we were able to do so.  Best of all, there was an author signing at the end!  So we got to meet Jane.

Have you ever attended an author event?  If not, is there an author you’d like to meet?