Exploring beyond lime and soda

For the last few years, July is a month that I tend to spend mostly or totally sober, thanks to the creation of Dry July. It was created by three friends in July 2008 and has gained momentum in recent years. It is an Australian initiative that has raised over $73 million since its inception that has assisted people with cancer as well as funding projects at more than 80 cancer organisations across Australia.

When I first took part in the challenge it wasn’t that easy to get inventive.  Certainly if you were out.

But the sober movement globally has gained a lot of traction and support thanks to the likes of Annie Grace and many others. I have read quite a few books known as ‘quit lit’.

I decided this year that it would be a good idea to try to get more adventurous, particularly if I was out with friends and family. At home it is quite easy as there are many beverages that you can purchase.

It does seem easier to find decent alcohol free beers, compared to wines; but things are improving. My beer finds this month include:

King Limbo IPA 0.5% ABV

What attracted me to this was the hoppy description and it delivers on taste.  Plus as a Sussex based woman, it’s nice to find a local beer.

Consumed at: Depot Kitchen, Depot Cinema, Lewes, East Sussex

Days Lager 0.0% ABV

Described as ‘clean, crisp and sessionable’. Lagers are probably my preferred beer type so I was pleased to find this one. This one is produced in Scotland.

Consumed at: The Victory, Brighton.

Big Drop Brewing Co. Paradise Citra IPA 0.5% ABV

Big Drop is dedicated to making fine low alcohol beer and I think the proof is in the fact that they have won many awards in this sector. It was the first time that I have come across their beer when out and about on a weekend in London with friends.  I have found out that it is stocked widely by quite a few of the large supermarket chains. I liked the sound of this IPA and the citrus notes were certainly a drawcard for me.

Consumed at: The Queens Arms, 30 Queen’s Gate Mews, South Kensington, London SW7 5QL

But I was forgetting about some of my previous finds, I’d forgotten about cider.

Cue late evening drinks with my husband and a friend and the discovery of a French cider.

Sassy Cidre Bio 0.0% ABV

I loved this.  It’s been a while since I have included imbibed alcohol free ciders. It hails from Normandy and features 5 organic apple varieties (Bedan, Doux Normandie, Frequin, Douce Moën, Douce Coët Ligné).

Consumed at: Flight Club Shoreditch, 2A Worship St, London EC2A 2AH

But what about other options? When you don’t feel like a beer or cider.  I’ve never been a fan of cocktails, but I have explored a few ‘mocktail’ options when out.

It was as I was perusing the menu at The Queens Arms that I came across an alcohol free cocktail called the ‘Amalfi Spritz’.

I was drawn immediately to it because of the inclusion of Lyre’s Italian Spritz. This particular blend I haven’t tried before, but I am a fan of their Italian Orange and also Lyre’s Classico (an alcohol free sparkling). Aside from the Italian Spritz there was also Fever-Tree White Grape & Apricot Soda and garnished with dried lemon.

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