Focus word of 2023 – Intention

Having a blog is a strange thing. Sometimes you are filled with inspiration for all sorts of posts and at other times (at least this is what I’ve found since I first started blogging in 2011), it is severely lacking.  The muse has left the building.

I have definitely struggled with what sort of direction my writing will take.

I look at the beginnings of my blogging days and then it was quite a different situation.  In 2011 I was living in Italy as an expat.  I was living in an essentially rural area, certainly not a large city.  My kids were being educated in the local school and there seemed to be plenty of material to share.

All these years later, I am wondering where my writing is going to take me. Instead of being too worried about it, I am working on what is next. I have some projects that I want to devote some time to this year (not all writing related) and rather than starting off on January 1st, with an exact focus word for the year, I have been reflecting on it over the month.

I eventually settled on the word, intention; as I feel that is a good way to describe how I wish to approach the projects that I have in mind.

How about you? Do you try to find a focus word for the year? 


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