Journalling makes a comeback

My recent writing life has been on the quiet side for quite a while. In January though things started to change. I gathered some renewed enthusiasm to work towards completing an online writing course that I am currently enrolled in. Plus I have signed up to attend a writers’ group. This gave me a focus as you needed to go prepared with 200 words of something to share with others. Also to bear in mind what writing projects you intend to focus on during 2024.

Every day words make up part of my existence. Recently it has been more the words of others in terms of reading rather than my own. But I am in my 8th year of keeping a one-line journal for each day. However it hasn’t been enough.

I know that writing daily pages is of great benefit and in late February I reinstated the practice. At the moment it is mostly daily which for me is a great asset in self expression and contemplation. But I am not forcing the practice as there are some days when it feels forced and for me I find that it isn’t a good idea to try and insist on a daily practice. I’d much rather write more words the next time.

Do you keep a journal?