Charleston- an artist’s home and garden

After visiting Monk’s House for the first time, I discovered Charleston and decided I wanted to visit at some stage.  I believe that we timed our visit perfectly.  This is because we visited the house and garden a couple of days before the first episode of a TV series based on the Bloomsbury group and some of it was actually set and filmed at Charleston.

It was not possible to take any pictures inside the house.  Your visit of the house is restricted to a timed guided tour only.  I really liked this approach as I felt that I learnt a lot from meandering through the house in an orderly way, gathering information about the former inhabitants as we passed from room to room.

Capturing the essence of the property was restricted to outside only.



If you are interested in the Bloomsbury group I would highly recommend visiting Charleston.

For further information about visiting Charleston go to the website.

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