Il Purgatorio – Gradoli

Something that the Italians do well is make children feel welcome in restaurants.  That is certainly the case at Il Purgatorio located on the northern side of Lake Bolsena.  Far from a dining experience in purgatory, it is more than likely that you will experience a heavenly experience, or certainly a stress free one.

I have lost count of how many times we have eaten at the restaurant.  We have eaten there with friends and family.  It is popular with locals and with tourists.  The staff at the restaurant are very laid back.  The last time we went, my husband did book a table and then he realised that he hadn’t given our name.  Luckily we did manage to get a table.

Pizza is a favourite choice for our children, but that is only on offer during the evenings. Another favourite for my son is a plate full of lattarini (white bait) which come from the lake or a plate of fried seafood .  Adults tend to go for the coregone, which also comes from the lake.

If your children get bored sitting at the table, there is a large grassed area where they can let off some steam and make friends with other children.

I highly recommend going there if you want a laid back dinner with reasonable food in a relaxed atmosphere, and I suggest you book if you intend to go in the height of summer.

Il Purgatorio

localita’ san magno,

lungo lago 

01010  Gradoli  VT

cel: 368 514 322