All in Porto

It was back in 2015 that my husband and I went to Portugal for the first time.  When we go on city breaks together we like to hire bikes to explore.


When we hired bikes in Budapest they were regular push bikes.  But the ones in Porto were slightly different.

They were electric.

We picked a perfect day as it was beautiful and sunny and loads of locals were making the most of being outside.

We rode along the coast and then looked back at where we had come from.


My husband was happy as he got to boat watch.

We were both happy to have a cool refreshing beer.

We did wonder what was going on here.


We started to head back to town after a leisurely lunch.


There was still more to see, and most importantly battery power left in the bikes.


We had met the guys at All in Porto the previous evening on their opening night.  Not only do they have a bar area to sample some of the local ports, but they also decided to head into hiring bikes as well.

Two of the owners – Luis and Tiago

I wish all the guys involved in All in Porto all the best.  I hope their business does well.  My husband and I were certainly glad to have discovered it. Finding this local business enabled us to try out some of the local port and sparkling wine and facilitated a great bike ride (where we had cheating moments, taking advantage of the electric bike, but also using the bikes in a regular way).

Contact details:

Address – Rua do Arquitecto Nicolau Nasoni n. 23, 4050-423 Porto, Portugal

Tel – +351220993829

Email –

All in Porto have a Facebook page.