Eating a Francesinha

When my husband and I spent a few days in Porto, Portugal we knew that we wanted to sample some local food.  But we weren’t sure exactly where to start.  We spotted a place that looked like a good bet, as it appeared to have lots of locals inside.  In fact we actually received a recommendation from a local.  He suggested that we try a Francesinha.

But first there was

a basket of bread to nibble on


and a bolinho de bacalhau each

But the main dish was yet to come.

We really didn’t have any expectations of what was going to be placed in front of us.  It was basically a sandwich with a cheese covering and a fried egg on top.  But within the sandwich as well as cheese was ham, a bit of chorizo and a thin steak. Plus it was swimming in a ‘special’ peppery sauce.  Boy were we full by the time we made it through.

I don’t recommend eating one of these for dinner as it isn’t easy to digest.

We were also disappointed that we were so full we didn’t get to try any of the lovely looking desserts.

The restaurant itself was basically full and a highly enjoyable experience.  I’m glad that we went there to sample a local dish, albeit a rather filling one.

Restaurante Braganca

Rua Arquitecto Nicolau Nazoni 16, Porto 4050-423