When in Porto…

There are so many interesting cities and towns in Europe to choose from when you want to go away for a few days.  When my husband and I have given some thought to this we have tried to go away to places that were new to both of us.  Porto in Portugal was one such place.  We loved our few days there and will return at some stage, hopefully.

Below you will see some of the things that we enjoyed doing while we were there.

Get up close to the Duoro river

Go on a river cruise

There are many options here.  There are the short touristy ones that don’t last long and take you past (and sometimes under) the bridges.  There are cruises that last a day and go further up the Duoro river.  Then there are ones that are even longer.

Taste some Port

You are spoilt for choice on which cellar to pick.  We only managed to take in the inside of Sandeman (as we got there late afternoon and the last tour was fully booked).

Instead we went to Cálem.  This company is owned by a larger group – Sogenvinus.  It was started by a Portuguese family, unlike most of the others in Porto that have mostly English origins.

Go inside the Lello bookstore

You will have to believe me, as I wasn’t there on the day when you are able to take photos.  It is well worth a look around.

Browse in local shop windows

and perhaps even buy something.  We bought a few things…

Have breakfast in a local coffee shop

On our last morning in Porto we ordered a couple of things to eat each, including a pastel de nata (Portuguese tart), and as a result we were given this card where what we had ordered was stored.  Then when we were finished we went to the cashier to pay.  Very organised.

The freshly squeezed orange juice was well worth it.

We really did enjoy Porto.  One day we hope to explore more of Portugal.

Do you have a favourite place in Portugal?
If you haven’t been would you like to go there?